Trendy & Tasty Vegan Recipes You’ll love

Trendy & Tasty Vegan Recipes You’ll love

Discover Victoria's favourite vegan recipes and what a vegan diet is all about!

Vegan cafés, vegan supermarkets, vegan restaurants – vegan food is a hot topic and a real food trend. But what does it actually mean? Which foods are you allowed to eat and what does vegan cuisine taste like anyway? Here's a small taster: peppers stuffed with kidney beans. Bon appetit!

Trendy & Tasty Vegan Recipes You’ll love

What does vegan actually mean?

Whilst vegetarians don't eat meat, vegans go one step further and don't eat any foodstuffs of animal origin. This includes eggs or milk products, as well as honey, as that's made by bees. Many vegans also refuse to use clothes, cosmetics and medicines that are produced using animal ingredients.

What can I eat as a vegan?

Vegans can enjoy a varied diet: Fruit and vegetables as well as pulses and nuts are on the menu.

Trendy & Tasty Vegan Recipes You’ll love

Instead of meat there are tofu, soya products and seitan, a product that is made from wheat protein.

Milk and milk products are replaced by products made from soya, rice, almond or oat milk. Instead of honey, vegans use maple syrup, sugar beet molasses or agave syrup, and they replace eggs in many recipes with silken tofu.

What are the benefits of a vegan diet?

What are the benefits of a vegan diet? As well as the moral aspect of not living at the cost of animals, many vegans swear by the health benefits. They say that veganism has a positive effect on blood lipid levels and weight. It is also claimed that veganism reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

Are there any disadvantages?

By not eating products of animal origin it is possible that iron, calcium or vitamin B12 deficiencies could occur. Therefore vegans should be careful to ensure that they compensate for these deficiencies in their diet or, in the case of vitamin B12, that they take food supplements.

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