Bold 2in1 Powder

Washing powder that packs a punch
Bold 2in1 Powder
  1. Powder detergents

Bold 2in1 washing powder is designed to lift stains, and soften and infuse your fabrics with long-lasting freshness. So you can even give older clothes a new lease of life, or impress guests with crisp sheets that smell fresh for their entire stay.

  • Description

Bold 2in1 washing powder is specially formulated to give you the perfect balance between cleaning and freshness. It also comes in a range of irresistible scents – all designed by Lenor’s expert perfumers:

Silk Flower & Gold Freesia
Both soothing and seductive, this elegant fragrance fuses notes of silk tree flowers, mallow blossoms, plus a touch of almond milk. So you’ll have a rich, pampering experience all round.

For the ultimate freshness and softness
To add even more freshness and softness to your wash, why not complement your favourite Bold 2in1 washing powder with Lenor fabric conditioner? And, for fragrances that last for up to 12 weeks, try Lenor Unstoppables – a range of fabulous in-wash scent boosters.

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