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Flash Task Sprays
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If you’ve got a hard surface cleaning task in your home, one of these three Flash Task Sprays is sure to do the trick. Find out what you need to know below.

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We all want to make our home as clean and perfect as possible. And these three Flash sprays help us focus in with exactly the right spray for the job.

Hard surfaces like floors, bathtubs and worktops sometimes seem like dirt magnets. So it’s great to know Flash has a range of specially formulated cleaners, ready to tackle different tasks.

Flash with Bleach is just what you need to keep surfaces hygienic and clean. It has the power to remove tough stains like dried egg, and leave your room with the fragrance of fresh eucalyptus. Use it on worktops, sinks, ceramic tiles and porcelain enamel.

Flash Kitchen is the cleaner you want at your fingertips after you’ve been cooking with grease. The powerful degreaser targets those hard-to-shift oily marks and burnt on food, so you can cut down on scrubbing. It’s perfect for quick, spotless results on cooker hobs, worktops and ovens (both inside and out). But don’t be shy to use it on other surfaces too – like cupboard doors and microwaves.

Flash Bathroom brings a breath of fresh air to your cleaning, leaving your bathroom gleaming, scented and free from soap-scum. Flash Bathroom will keep it that way for longer too. That’s because the cleaning system that shifts the grime and watermarks in the first place also keeps on working to help prevent build up, however busy your bathroom may be. Flash Bathroom is recommended by Febreze.

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