Lenor Topaz & Magnolia

A lovely light touch
Lenor Topaz & Magnolia
  1. Softeners

Lenor Topaz & Magnolia is a unique fabric conditioner. It’s light and powdery, infusing your favourite garments with delicate undertones of magnolia.

  • Description

It might have a light touch, but it gets to work on your fabrics from the very first wash. The Anti-Age3 technology protects your clothes from stretching, fading and bobbling, so they will look beautiful for longer. It also reduces wrinkling, speeds up drying and makes ironing a whole lot easier.

Not only does Lenor give all fabrics a soft and comfortable feel, but also releases wafts of freshness throughout the day – lasting for up to 12 hours in wear. Wrapped in the delicate scent of Topaz & Magnolia, you can look forward to a delightfully uplifting experience all day long.

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